013: Just Say No (to More)
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013: Just Say No (to More)

Sometimes all that ‘yes’ work can dilute the pursuit of what really matters.
013: Just Say No (to More)
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The simple tips are the hardest and most powerful. And let me tell you — this tip is both simple and extremely difficult to execute.

Like me, you’re probably great at taking on new work. You want to make the boss happy, do a great job, achieve some goal. We’re ambitious people. But sometimes all that ‘yes’ work can dilute the pursuit of what really matters. We get ourselves busy with other people’s work, and forget to pursue our own.

So, I challenge you to say no more often.

At the risk of losing favor with your boss.

At the risk of being seen as a mediocre worker.

At the risk of not being quite as “productive”.

I’d contend that these risks are not as material as you think they are. We all have limits, and when we’re honest about them, others are often more understanding than we think they will be.

One caveat — as with anything else, saying no to others must be balanced with saying yes. That’s how collaboration works. But broadly speaking, saying no allows us to stay clear and on track with our priorities (including those of our superiors, because we should partly align with those as well).

ACT: Pick something small to say no to this week. Get some practice using that word more.

Notent Notables

Eleven of you have joined since the last newsletter. Welcome! Be sure to check out the archives at https://thinkeffective.co.

Last week I hopped on for a late night livestream where I shared an update of my productivity workflow and a few other random discussion items.

For Your Enjoyment

Heading down the classics rabbit hole again — this week with a throwback from the podcast on saying no to hustle.

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Justin switches to Linux and shares some advice he’s learning right now about hustle and hard work.

Here to Help

I can help you in three ways on your productivity journey when you’re ready:

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P.S. I have news about Obsidian Made Simple coming very soon.

That’s all for this week. Until next time, stay effective!

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