011: Set a Win Condition for Your Day
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011: Set a Win Condition for Your Day

One of the hardest things about modern work is its infinite nature. How do you even manage that?

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One of the hardest things about modern work is its infinite nature. When you check off one task, four more appear as if you’re looking to defeat some productivity hydra. It never stops coming.

The fact that there’s always more to do is a blessing and a curse, too. While it’s great to have fascinating, challenging work to keep you stimulated, it’s also easy to never stop working and fail to celebrate successes because there’s always another challenge to overcome.

Sounds pretty depressing, huh? Unfortunately, it’s the reality many knowledge workers like yourself live in. This endless state of work very well may play into the high rates of worker burnout as well.

So what’s the answer? If work never ends and you can’t change that fact, what do you do?

Set a win condition for your day.

A win condition is a simple declaration that says:

If I get X done today, I can consider this a good day of work.

For example, I might say, “If I finish editing and publishing this video, I can consider this a good day’s work.” While I might have fifteen unfinished tasks on my list, I can look back and see I did what I thought was most important — and that’s a win on its own.

Having a straightforward win condition as a measure of success for the day gives you an anchor point to evaluate if the day went well so you can celebrate your win or adjust if you didn’t reach it.

ACT: Set your win condition for tomorrow, then, at the end of the day, celebrate what you’ve achieved.

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This week on the YouTube channel, I shared my top five customizations for Obsidian. I tend to keep my vault pretty simple, but these plugins and themes bring high utility for me.

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