007: Build a Startup Routine
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007: Build a Startup Routine

Our brains like routines because we know what we can expect.
007: Build a Startup Routine
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Getting started with work can be troublesome. And to top it off, I can make it harder on myself by haphazardly approaching my workday.

Our brains like routines because we know what we can expect. Think of Pavlov’s dog — ring a bell, get a treat, and do this over and over again. Pretty soon the dog starts salivating when the bell rings because he’s been conditioned to expect a treat soon after.

You can train yourself, too, to do this (work, not drool, mind you). The best way is to follow a reasonable startup routine when you start your workday.

Every day, do the same small set of tasks before you begin your work. Make sure these are tasks you only do at the start of your day, like planning the day’s work, reviewing your calendar, or journaling for a few minutes.

If you run this startup routine every day, pretty soon your brain will get the hang of it and say, “Oh, okay, some tasty work is coming our way soon 🤤”

It’s just one little tip to help overcome the inertia inherently working against what you aim to do for the day.

ACT: Pick 1-3 actions to do each day before you work for a week.

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