006: Overcome Procrastination with Fun
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006: Overcome Procrastination with Fun

The truth is procrastination is not always something you can hack yourself out of.
006: Overcome Procrastination with Fun
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Procrastination is something you might be wrestling with right now in reading this newsletter. Maybe you’re trying to level up your productivity efforts because you’re struggling with delaying getting your work done. I’ve been there before.

I used to think if I just found the right productivity tactic, I’d be able to manage procrastination. Or, more honestly, be able to manage myself.

The truth is procrastination is not always something you can hack yourself out of. For some, perseverance is the trick — just get the work done. But for others, maybe even you, perseverance and willpower will only take you so far.

Something often missing in the chronic procrastinator’s work life is a feeling of reward — something fun, something enjoyable, something to look forward to.

Dr. Neil Fiore came up with an excellent solution to this problem: The Unschedule.

Most people schedule their work first, then fill in the gaps with everything else. The Unschedule flips that idea on its head in the aim to help avoid procrastination by building rewards into your schedule first.

So instead of scheduling work first, schedule fun. When you have something to look forward to, the “hard” work in the moment often only feels like a temporary inconvenience.

ACT: Build an Unschedule this week by scheduling 1-3 leisure activities first, then fill in the gaps with your work. The aim is to give yourself something enjoyable to look forward to later in the day or week.

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This week’s tip is inspired by The Now Habit by Dr. Neil Fiore. In the book, he shares The Unschedule and a number of other tips to help you overcome procrastination. It’s an excellent older read, and yet offers up many relevant ideas to today.

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