003: Exercise to Stimulate Creativity
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003: Exercise to Stimulate Creativity

Exercise, it turns out, can be a superpower for stimulating creativity.
003: Exercise to Stimulate Creativity
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I got into mountain biking for the first time this summer. If you’ve never done it, it’s an intense activity requiring your full focus for the duration of riding a trail.

One of my first times out, I busted it really hard, and was in desperate need of a shower. (Dirt, anyone?) What happened next amazed me.

During the mental scatterfocus time that is a shower, my brain came alive with new ideas, connections, and strategies.

Exercise, it turns out, can be a superpower for stimulating creativity.

According to John Fitch and Max Frenzel in their book Time Off, exercise helps your brain rewire and prepare you for more complex problems.

And neuroscientist Shane O’Meara says that even walking can stimulate our happiness and creativity, and that being physically active prior to engaging in a creative endeavor enables our brains to engage with it in a different way.

So if you’re mentally stuck or need to work on a tricky creative problem, try exercising beforehand.

ACT: Zone in on an exercise without external stimulation like music or podcasts, then rest, let your mind wander, and see what happens.

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