We're launching a new brand
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We're launching a new brand

We're launching a new brand

I'm going to be honest. We've been around the block a few times with branding.

We started as the Productivity Guild.

In 2019, we rebranded to Effective Remote Work because I believed the future of work was fully remote. I wanted to be a resource to help remote workers find their feet in a remote work world.

Fast forward to today, the state of the world has caused remote work to be the default for many. Remote work has largely become... work. 🎉

But now, burnout is on the rise. Personal knowledge management is skyrocketing in interest. Productivity is trying to find its place in a new era of work and life.

We're really at the start of what I call Productivity 3.0. And I'd like to help shape what the future of work looks like – PKM, productivity, and holistic life management included.

So today, we're officially launching our new branding – Effective. We're here to help digital first workers live effective lives.

The way I see it, every person, including yourself, must go on a journey to discover their own way to find effectiveness – in work and every other aspect of life.

While we can't take that trip for you, our goal at Effective is to give you more "tools in your toolbox" to navigate the varying seasons life brings and the challenges that come with it.

From personal knowledge management workflows and tools, productivity strategies, apps, and tips, to life management mindsets and thought processes, we are here to help you get your footing and find your own path.

If you're new, welcome! Let us know how we can help!

If you've been hanging around for a long time, thanks so much for your support.

Ultimately, I'm excited to go on this journey together with you.

P.S. For those of you who have signed up for email newsletters in the past, 👋.

I haven't sent much for newsletters, but the new platform we're using will send you one each time we post new content. I'd love to have you along on the journey with us.