Introducing Obsidian Made Simple
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Introducing Obsidian Made Simple

Obsidian Made Simple

We’re big fans of Obsidian around here. If you’re not aware, Obsidian is a feature-packed note-taking software built for the future. No, I don’t mean there’s a weird futuristic idea or scheme associated with it. I mean it’s built off future-proof technology — text files.

This means that thoughts I deem precious I don’t have to worry about if a cloud service goes away or even if Obsidian disappears. All of that data still remains in text files which have been around since the dawn of modern computing.

And with its ability to easily link notes together (both forward and backward), I can now create a multi-dimensional map of my thoughts much like my brain works.

If you’ve been searching for a note-taking app that works with your brain, look no further!

And, if you want some help getting going, we’ve just launched a brand new course with Francesco D’Alessio of Keep Productive. It’s called Obsidian Made Simple.

In the course, you’ll get over 15 lessons on how to use Obsidian, link your thoughts together, and build an effective note-taking system to last you for years to come.

Oh, and you’ll get lifetime access to a course we’ll be updating over time.

Get it now for our special launch price of $59 — this week only!