Timery - A Toggl App for iOS that Makes Sense
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Timery - A Toggl App for iOS that Makes Sense

Just this week, Joe Hribar released his new app called Timery for Toggl.

This app takes a lot of inspiration from Federico Viticci’s Toggl workflows for iOS, but packages them in a beautifully designed, easy to use application.

I’ve been using this application as part of the beta for the last few months, and was blown away how easy it made interacting with Toggl. When I was self-employed, I used this app daily to keep track of all my billable hours, and it was easy. Here’s how —

Timery gives you the ability to save templates for time entries. In the app, you simply tap the template and start logging time.

What makes Timery extra special is these templates are shown on a widget. Without even unlocking your phone, you can swipe right on the lock screen, tap the entry to start, and you’re done. No thinking involved.

I know time tracking can be a chore for some, but Timery removes the most annoying bits of friction around starting and stopping timers. If you’ve struggled accurately tracking time, I 100% recommend Timery. Give it a go!